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281. Apple Fest

It’s here!

Okay, I get it…you’re sick of hearing me talk about apples & fall & being outside…but really…I’m doing this for your own good!


The Apple Fest is one of the biggest in the area, and it’s so great! Get a chance to buy some awesome apple foods, taste the best of the best apple ciders, partake in some apple games and buy awesome crafts! There’s so much going on at the apple fest you’ll forget winter is coming!

It is this weekend, October 12 & 13th from 9-5pm! I guarantee if you go you will thank me later. AND if you’re feeling really crazy, don’t forget to sign up for the Apple Run!

There’s free parking, free entertainment and the cost of admission is only $5!

Tip: The Apple Fest coordinators have taken the hard part out of my job, they’ve compiled a list of tips for the Apple Fest here!