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349. Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing at Beaver Lake

The snow dumped on us yesterday…and while it’s freezing cold outside and all I’d like to do is warm up by the fire today, I know that it’s just not the most practical thing to do.

It’s time to get outside, and really enjoy the snow…if that’s even possible.

At the beginning of this year, I noted that there were a lot of things to do outdoors, including ice skating in Clinton Square and Sledding and Tubing (that was actually #1!).

Now we’ve got almost 15 days left in the year, and we’re still finding things to do outside when it’s snowing…how awesome, right?!


Today I suggest you head on over to beaver lake nature center & try out snowshoeing for the first time. We’ve got a nice amount of snow on the ground, perfect for a stroll with some snowshoes on.

So far this year, we’ve really noticed that Beaver Lake has a lot to offer, from maple syrup breakfasts to enchanted jack o lanterns and harvest fest, Beaver Lake is a spot that should be recognized as a park that’s got it all.

Their snowshoeing and cross country skiing is no different.  They’ve got over 7 miles of trails to explore. I think it’s the perfect thing to do on this chilly snowy Sunday.

Tip: Don’t own any gear? That’s alright! They rent snowshoes out for $3 an hour

location: Beaver Lake, 8477 East Mud Lake Road, Baldwinsville NY

261. Move Your Body Spa Event

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about the importance of maintaining some sort of exercise in order to stay sane throughout the dark season…which, if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones…winter is coming.

This event is perfect for our conversation.

Move your body

Sponsored by a bunch of different groups in Syracuse, the Move Your Body Spa Event is a day of movin’, groovin’ and fun! There will even be raffles and fun prizes to win! This full day event is going to be so much fun!

It’s $20 in advance and $25 at the door. You’ll have an entire day of activities.

There will be zumba, dance, yoga, yoga dance, power yoga, spa services…

This seriously sounds like such a good time! If you’re in town this weekend, September 21st hit it up!! It starts at 2pm. Kickstart your anti-hibernation mode by attending Move Your Body!

Tip: Proceeds go towards the National Kidney Foundation of CNY!
Buy your advance tickets at Pulse Fitness (Tammy) or Dance Manlius (Laura, Felipe).

location: Pulse Fitness Studio 713 West Fayette Street

209. Thunder Island

The hottest days of summer might be behind us, but summer itself is certainly not over.

Sometimes, all you need is a cold beer, a music festival, an outdoor movie, a patio… and sometimes all you need is a water park.


Located just 20 minutes outside of Syracuse we’ve got a small water park that covers all the bases. Thunder Island has water slides, pools, and fun outdoor games. It’s perfect for a few hours, especially if you’re just dying to get in the water!

Rounding out the weekend of Oswego’ish fun and events, we’ve got Thunder Island. It might not be a Top Tier water park, but it’s definitely suitable for a day of fun in the sun. It’s kind of cool to think that we’ve got a water park so close…who would’a thought, right!?

Thunder Island is open throughout the summer every single day. Their daily rates can’t be beat with just $15 for an adult water park pass. They’ve also got very affordable season pass options if you like to ride water slides on the reg. I say it’s worth checking out! Especially on those hot, hazy & humid summer days!

Tip: You can get coupons and discount tickets at Wegmans, Nice & Easy and Taco Bell!


193. Onondaga Lake Park

I love the parkway.

Simple as that. It’s perfect for outdoor activities.


When I was younger my friends and I would strap on our Rollerblades and skate the length of the parkway a few times, it was where I qualified for my black belt back in 1997…loonnggg time ago, it’s where high school teams meet to row crew, it’s where I go to get in a good solo run, it’s where people enjoy some light spectaculars in the winter… it’s an all around fantastic spot, I’m shocked I haven’t featured it yet.

There is so much to do there, You can rent bikes and boats, you can ride your own bike, jog or run, you can stop at one of the many food truck vendors and get a bite to eat. You can bring a skateboard or a trick bike and play at the skate park (!!!), play Irish road bowling or bocce ball, You can play some archery, you can go to a music festival, you can sign up for a color run, there’s a butterfly park and even a museum…endless options at Onondaga Lake Park.

One of my favorite events this park holds is every Sunday. They close down Onondaga Lake Parkway on Sunday’s from 9am to noon and allow bikers, runners, walkers, joggers, etc… to enjoy an extra 2 miles of fun along the Onondaga Lake shore. It’s actually really cool!

Admission is free, as well as parking. Stop by The Retreat or Cobblestone after an afternoon at the park for a cool drink, or even Heid’s!

There’s also lots of free parking around the park, just watch out for that construction off of 370.

OLP map

Tip: Here’s a map of Onondaga Lake Park that outlines all of the fun activities at the park!

Hours change when the seasons change:
April-October: 6am-sunset plus 1/2 hour
November-March: 6am-sunset


86. Middle Ages Brewing Company

Now that we’re (possibly…but not positively) on our way to nicer weather, a lot of people want to start doing things outside, downtown, with friends, etc… Enough of this hibernation, let’s get out and dance or run or enjoy this city!

Something that was a big indicator of Spring when I was in college in Fort Collins was grabbing a group of friends and heading to the numerous breweries in town. Here in Syracuse, Middle Ages Brewing Company is on tap at almost every single bar, they’re present at every single festival, and they do a lot for the community. But, did you know that you can go right to the source and taste all of the beers they offer, for free?!

middle ages logo

Free seems to be an underlying theme these past few days…

At the actual brewery, which is a former Ice Cream factory (…uh, awesome!!), there’s a comfortable and middle-age’s-like feel to it; with a knight standing in the corner & everything!


They’re open 11:30-6 throughout the week and 11:30-5 on Saturdays, and 12-5 on Sundays. During that time you can head inside, test out the beers, buy some merchandise from t-shirts, to your favorite brew, to signs, etc…

This is a really fun activity to do with your friends, it’s something that is a lot of fun. Then afterwards you can head downtown to lunch to any of the various awesome restaurants in Armory Square or Hanover Square.

Tip: My personal favorite Middle Ages brew is the Impaled Ale.

location: 120 Wilkinson Street Syracuse, NY 13204

(Must be 21+ to enjoy tasting the beers)

73. The District Festival

The arts in Syracuse are going through pretty amazing times recently; there’s no stopping or slowing down, either.

The District Logo

When I first heard about The District Festival I was immediately into it. I had seen Grey Gardens on HBO and was hooked on the weird dynamic between The Bouvier’s…not to mention, to learn a little more about Jackie O is always on my to-do list. It was incredibly insightful.

The District Festival is exactly that, a festival. It’s a celebration of arts and wonderful acting here in Syracuse with the production of 3 shows for 3 weekends. We’ve missed the opening weekend, but for a good reason. However, there’s still time to check out the remaining weekends.

It goes from March 7th-24th, and all shows are played at the Empire Theater at the State Fairgrounds. They’ll be showing performances of The Full Monty, Grey Gardens and I Remember Mama. Click here for more info.

This is a great chance to mix things up a little and check out some great talent here in Syracuse. Tickets are reasonably priced at $20 each or $50 for a 3 show package.

Tip: To purchase advance tickets call 315-362-2768 or visit their website.

Location: 581 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13209

19. Syracuse Silver Knights

I’m sure a lot of you didn’t know there was a professional indoor soccer team in Syracuse…but there is, and their name is The Silver Knights, and you do now.


I went to the game last night with my friend and her family with literally zero knowledge of what I would encounter and walked away a fan of indoor soccer.

There’s a certain magic, almost a dance, that these players perform on the field when passing and defending and shooting and scoring. Sometimes soccer can be an incredibly boring sport to watch but the fast pace of an indoor game keeps the spectator on the edge of their seat the entire time.

Not to mention, the team behind the scenes does a great job of keeping the crowd interested and participating. While I was thoroughly creeped out by a full grown human dressed as the Kia hamster dancing around the War Memorial, I was also fully entertained by it. There’s even a group of guys who appeared to be the Silver Knights biggest fans so cleverly called the Salt City Supporters with drums and chants. I almost felt like I was finally arriving to a party I was very late for; everyone there was already a fan, they already knew the Kia hamster was going to be there.


If you’re looking for a fun (very fun!) for all ages activity check out a Silver Knights game. It’s entertaining, you can drink a beer while laughing at (err i mean with…) the man in a full body suit who is walking around (still not sure if he’s just a regular dude or a paid employee…), and the players aren’t too bad to check out either!

Tip: their next home game is against Baltimore tomorrow at 1:30.

Tickets can be bought here.

Oh yeah, and to the guy sitting in front of us with the Vuvuzela I don’t care if it was only $5…my ears are still ringing!

8. O Yoga


During the winter months you don’t want to get stuck in your living room hibernating. Get out and do something! When the sun goes down there’s no excuse to not leave your apartment. Which is why O Yoga is a perfect way to center yourself & stay fit during the winter months.

A few friends of mine love taking the evening classes at O Yoga. They’re always raving about Tiffany (the owner) and how great she is.  From novice to experienced, O Yoga accommodates all levels. Just make sure you sign up online before class to reserve your spot.

Tip: Drop in to the hiphop flow yoga class monday evenings at 7:15. Drop in classes are $15.

New to Yoga? Check out the Beginner Yoga Workshop starting Jan 15th.

Located in the Mill Pond Landing building
327 W Fayette St
Ste 206
Syracuse, NY 13202

Get updates regularly with the O Yoga Twitter