344. Syracuse Pepper Market

Everyone is always coming to me, “What should I get my brother for christmas? “What should I get my sister-in-law for Christmas?” It may be because I’m always browsing the blogs or pinterest but I’ve usually got a great vault of ideas and options waiting for when someone comes at me with the “I need to spend $50 or less on someone who likes ___________.”

Next time someone asks me I’ll promptly say, “Check out the Pepper Market.”


The Pepper Market is the sister event to the Salt Market (which, sadly, I missed in October.)

What is it? Well… it’s kind of a real life Etsy. Etsy is great, it’s a really popular spot to get Christmas gifts…however, since 99.9% of the things sold on Etsy are handmade, you typically need to get your Christmas orders in somewhere around last Friday….

With the Pepper Market, the vendors are out of control crazy talented and artsy and amazing and you’re bound to find something really fun and funky there for your “friend who has everything but just started a blog…”

The Pepper Market takes place this Saturday December 14th from 10am-4pm. I hope to see you there!

Tip: It’s all $30 or under!

location: On the corner of E. Onondaga and S. Warren Street

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