339. Syracuse University Basketball Game

How could we forget?!

If you’re from the area there’s a good chance you own something orange. There’s a good chance you’ve talked about Jim Boeheim.  There’s a likely chance you’ve had a conversation with someone about Carmello Anthony.

Going to see a Syracuse Basketball game here in Syracuse is an experience unlike any other.  The dome becomes a mecca for fans to worship their team.  Syracuse Basketball is a lifestyle here.

Carrier Dome basketball

With it being the first year in the ACC Syracuse has quite the matchup this season, they’ll be hosting teams like UNC, NC State and everyone’s anticipated favorite; Duke.

This Saturday they play Binghamton, and in the following weeks their schedule is quite the show. I strongly suggest if you haven’t had a chance yet, to buy tickets to a Syracuse Basketball game and check it out for yourself!

Tip: Check out Chucks for a pre-game drink!

location: Carrier Dome, Syracuse University

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