338. Lights on the Lake

We’re almost done with the year, and it wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Onondaga Lake Park in the winter time!

Lights on the lake is a tradition here in Syracuse.  When it opens, cars are lined down the parkway to get a glimpse at the old and new light displays!


It’s really fun, and if you’re new to Syracuse or you’ve been here for what feels like a million winters, Lights on the Lake is something that everyone goes to at least once.

One of my favorite things to do is to go to Onondaga Lake Parkway during the day and walk through all the funny light displays. They aren’t turned on, which makes it even better. On January 4 from 11-midnight they’ve got a “run through” where you can run on the parkway while they’re all lit up!

It’s open from November 21-Jan 12 from 5-10pm $10 per car

Tip: Cash Only!

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