336. Syracuse Cinephile Society

There’s a lot to be said for CNY’s arts scene.  Throughout this year we’ve recognized the surge in jazz music, the excitement over film and theater and everything in between.  It’s awesome to live in a city that embraces the local talents, both young & old.


The Syracuse Cinephile Society highlights everything that is great about film.  Their history is rich with tradition and pride. They’ve had their fair share of remarkable events around this fine city.

If you’re into vintage motion pictures or film in general, you should check out their Monday Night series…unfortunately, today (12/2/13) is the last day of the fall season, however they’ll be back with Cinefest in 2014.

Their monday night movie selection is really awesome & they’ve been playing vintage flicks since September. Tonight’s film is sun valley serenade at 7:30, go check it out!

Tip: Head to the dinner before hand at 6:15 at The Spaghetti Warehouse!

location: Spaghetti Warehouse

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