323. Before I die…

There’s a movement happening around the world.  It’s quite simple, embrace what you love, be happy, do everything you’ve ever wanted; don’t let anything stop you.

A couple weeks ago I was driving home from work and noticed a giant black wall with spray paint all over it. It was organized and neat and each line on the wall was preceded by the phrase: “Before I die…”

As the days went on people began filling things in on those lines. “Travel the world,” read one of the lines. Others followed seeking help for addiction, declaring love and marriage for girlfriends and boyfriends.  The list was fascinating.


It’s free to do. You just have to walk right on up to it and pick up some chalk. After it rains, the wall is refreshed with new “things to do before I die…”

I love this kind of stuff! Go on over to the corner of West Fayette & Geddes and write what you want to do before you die.

Tip: Check out the facebook page for the Gear Factory, the site of the “Before I die…” wall. It’s got tons of pictures of what’s been happening on that wall since the beginning!

location: Gear Factory, 200 S Geddes St. Syracuse, NY

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