320. Sammy Malone’s

For all you people who wonder what the heck Baldwinsville is all about, you should know the the nightlife is not so bad!

There are a bunch of bars and restaurants that are always jam packed on the weekend evenings.  With Thanksgiving coming up and friends and family returning to town the one stop I know I need to make is to Sammy Malone’s. (I even think I’m the DJ on the Touch Tunes app there…)


My family loves Sammy’s.  Im not kidding.

Sammy’s has a wide selection of beer, great views of the river, and plenty of seating for game nights…but the one thing that they’ve got that I have not found anywhere else in Syracuse is the best salad.

The salads at Sammy’s are amazing. Not only are they huge but you can legitimately add the entire kitchen sink…from chicken to strawberries they’ve got options galore. I dream about those salads! Also, their cheeseburger soup is the best I’ve had in all of CNY!

Tip: Check out their list of draught beers, they’ve got tons!

location: 2 Oswego St, Baldwinsville, NY 13027

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