319. Beer tasting at Green Hills

I guess now is the best time to talk about a little gem down there in the valley.

Syracuse Beer Week

Green Hills is one of those tiny grocery stores that has stuck around despite the Wegmans takeover of Syracuse (& I loveeee Wegmans!). A lot of people have heard about it, yet a lot of people have not.

One of my favorite things about Green Hills is that they were selling Fort Collins Brewery a few months back! I made a point to stop in and stock up!

They’ve also got an INTENSE hot food items menu…I’ve heard their turkey lunch is out of this world.

So with all that, they’ve got a beer tasting this afternoon! How awesome is that? Grocery shopping & drinking beer…now that’s my kinda day!

From 5pm-7pm tonight at Green Hills there will be a Southern Tier Sampling. If you’re not familiar with Southern Tier they’ve got some really great flavors, I especially like the pumpking when they’ve got it!

Tip: Must be 21+ to participate, obviously.

location: Green Hills 5933 South Salina St

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