318. Guess the score

Thursday night football…also known as God’s midweek gift.

Syracuse Beer Week

Every year I participate in a football picks pool. And every year I’ve outsourced consultants to help me pick the game, and every year I always lose…nothing works! Sometimes it feels like a giant failure, but somehow I keep coming back for more. It might just be because I love the socialization aspect of a great Thursday night game.

This week I wanted to mix it up a bit; with it being beer week and all…

Tonight at The Saltine Warrior Pub they’ve got a challenge going on. Everyone loves a good challenge!

saltine warrior1-1

If you can guess who will score the first points at the Thursday night game you win a free Stella or Bud light! Seriously?! That’s all it takes???

Head on down to the Saltine Warrior Pub before kickoff to participate!

Tip: You must get there before kickoff at 8:25pm.

location; 214 W Water St, Syracuse, NY 13224

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