313. Paint drink and b merry

When I took a vacation with a bunch of my friends to Charleston, we found a paint study that did a wine & paint night.

You basically brought your own bottle of whatever you wanted, and followed the direction of the teacher.

Let me just say, I felt like Van Gogh.

paint drink and b merry

I have always wanted one of those here, and I’ve been looking and looking for months now and finally came across Paint Drink & B  Merry.

This is a bit of a different approach because they go to several locations, you don’t go to one free-standing building.

It’s really simple though, you go to page. Click on the picture you’d like to paint. Reserve your spot & then go! The paintings will change throughout the year and it’s all your interpretation!

My roommate and I are very different people, and we painted the same thing, however each of our paintings came out completely different. It’s really a fun time.

They supply everything, the smock, the paintbrushes, the canvas, the picture! All you have to do is gather some friends and go!

Tip: You can buy drinks at the venues

location: check website for details

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