310. Take your shot

This is a REALLY exciting event!

When I lived in Austin, there was a day when I noticed a bunch of groups running around the city like chickens with their heads cut off.

They looked like they were on the amazing race.

BUT…it was just because they were participating in The Austin Challenge! How cool!

AND NOW…they’ve got something very very similar going on here!


This weekend November 10th, join the Syracuse Updowntowners as they take to the streets on a scavenger hunt that requires some knowledge of the city of syracuse, a camera and best of all, some friends!

Today is the last day to pre-register. So as long as your registration is in the mail by today, November 6th you can still participate! Click here for the registration form. You can also register the day of, but you only have until 5pm to complete the tasks! The winners win $200!!

It’s going to be REALLY cool! You’ll be given 25 photos that are of landmarks and spots in downtown Syracuse and you have to find them, and take an identical picture with you in it and be the first to finish! There are some rules though, which can be found here & here.

Tip: Questions? Check out the facebook page for more information

location: Starts at Suds & Ends at The Taste


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