306. Zip Fest

When I lived in Austin, they held a festival around the time of my birthday called Fun Fun Fun Fest. It was everything it lived up to be, it was really fun.

There were live music acts and games and entertainment and altogether really cool things happening.

The Zip fest sort of reminds me of likeeee 1/4th of Fun Fun Fun Fest.


It’s a food truck festival right in downtown Syracuse with a 200 foot zip line!! COOL!

This takes place on November 3rd (Sunday) in Forman Park from 11-3pm. There will be live entertainment for all and food galore! Check it out!

This is more than just a fun event to have your friends get together & check out all those mobile food trucks…Remember mobile eats week!?

Tip: This is free to attend!

location: Forman Park – East Genesee Street

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