305. Belfer Audio Archive at 50

You might be asking, “What the heck is a Belfer Audio Archive!?”

Well…good question.

The Belfer Audio Archive is a collection of over 340,000 sound recordings and related items. Read about it here! It’s REALLY fascinating.


Starting yesterday, there will be a 3 day long event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Belfer Audio Archive. The events feature distinguished speakers and artists who will explore aspects of music, music technologies and film music, aiming to bring together and promote the many different aspects of music that are taught across the SU campus. There will also be a tour of the archive on Sunday November 2nd…also, VERY cool!

This is really fascinating. And to think,  right here in our own city we’ve got one of the largest collections of sound recordings in NORTH AMERICA! We really are makin’ it, Syracuse!

It’s free to attend, and all events are listed on the website. Check it out! It’s going to be really fun!

I am especially excited for this evening, the Syracuse University Symphony Orchestra will be performing at 8pm at the Setnor Auditorium at Crouse College.

Tip: For most events, free and accessible concert parking is available on campus in the Q-1 lot, located behind Crouse College. Additional parking is available in Irving Garage. Campus parking availability is subject to change, so please call 315-443-2191 for current information.

location:  Syracuse University Libraries 222 Waverly Ave

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