296. CNY Wedding World

Ever look at your facebook news feed and think that it’s just one giant ad for marriage?
Because, I do.

A lot of my friends are getting engaged. In fact, we just celebrated a wedding in my family! Weddings are a thing…they’re a spectacular show of love and fun and everything in between. Which is why sometimes, you need for someone to throw a huge wedding event in order to get some knowledge on where to start and what to do.

This one is for you, all you brides-to-be.


The CNY Wedding World is an expo on all things weddings. There will be entertainment by our favorite lady, Letizia! There will be tons of exhibits to help you decide what dress you want, what cake you want, what venue you want, what colors you’re choosing…you name it, they’ll have it!

It is this Saturday, October 27 from 11am-4pm at the Fair Grounds.

And judging from my facebook news feed, it’s going to be very crowded!

Tip: They will have chocolate truffles for the first 500 brides!!

Location: NYS Fairgrounds

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