290. The Original Trail of Terror

With a few different trails of terror going on, this original one is unbeatable.

trail of terror


Im scared!

There are two shows available. An indoor and an outdoor. The indoor show is pitch black, with scary tunnels, acts and altogether terrifying things that will really have you crying. The outdoor trail is wooded, absolutely frightening and something that will give you nightmares.

The neat thing about this week, with it being fright week & all, is that I can talk about how crazy scary this stuff is and people will definitely be interested. Mostly because that’s exactly what we want to do, really terrify ourselves. Nothing says we’re human than a blood curdling scream.

Ticket prices vary. General admission is $3, but to participate in the different activities it costs more. Check here for more info!

Tip: Cash only

location: 475 Clifford Road, Fulton NY

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