276. Beak and Skiff

Apples in Upstate New York…one of the rarest forms of happiness anyone can experience.

Apple picking is one of my favorite activities. I love apples! The smell, the taste, the food you can make from apples! (My mom makes the best apple pie!)


There’s a lot to be said for the many orchards in and around Syracuse but one of the most common is Beak and Skiff.

Everyone knows about Beak and Skiff apple cider, it’s sold everywhere and it’s honestly, the most delicious cider you’ll drink!

You can spend the whole day picking apples, enjoying a meal at their 1911 Cafe and trying out their hard ciders at the distillery.

This is absolutely one of those “very typical Upstate NY” activities, but it’s always so much fun!

Tip: Ever wonder when the best time to pick your favorite apples is? Check this schedule out for more details!



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