275. Syracuse Film Festival

From October 2-6th there is a really exciting festival going on in Syracuse.

The Syracuse International Film Festival. Remember that Super 8 One Take festival a few months ago? Oh how the time flies.


This festival is unique in that it is a few days long, it has a variety of different genres and they’ll be previewing some really incredible films.  They’ll also have some seminars, one that I am very interested in checking out will be Pixar and the making of Wall-E. Here’s a schedule of events.

Tickets range from $5-20, free for students or a full festival pass for $100.

Tip: Remember when John Cusack was spotted around town filming the movie Adultworld? It’ll be premiering at the Landmark Theater on October 6th. Tickets are $20 each.

Location: Palace Theater, Lemoyne College

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