266. Barn Dances

When I lived in Colorado, many people would ask where I was from. I’d reply simply, “New York.” and they’d automatically assume I was referring to the city. “Oh my! How is living in New York City?!” they’d ask. I’d shake my head and calmly reply, “There’s more to New York than just the city, you know!”

There’s a stigma surrounding upstate New York…we’re all cow tippin’ farmers….or so they think…but this city, as you can tell from the past 265 days, has a lot more to offer than just field parties and farming. However, there’s still a bit of country in us up here…

In Colorado, on tuesday nights we would go to a place called The Sundance. People would be line dancing, and I’d watch in awe…”How on earth are they doing that?! How do they know all the moves?!” There’s a really cool line dancing event that happens every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month in an actual BARN!


There is line and/or partner dance lessons from 6-9pm! How cool is that! Get to know all of the steps, so the next time someone asks you if you’re a cow tippin’ country lovin farmer you can show them whats up!

$10 gets you in the door for a really fun dance party on a sunday night! I have a feeling that I’ll be frequenting this more often than not!

Tip: There’s also an open dance for those interested in participating or watching two-step, east coast swing, the waltz cha, and night club.

location: 6456 Collamer Road, East Syracuse

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