260. Trivia at The Wildcat

For those of you who may not know, trivia might as well be my middle name…

I mean, not really, but…

When you’ve got a city like this, with a lot of really smart people, trivia is close to impossible to win. I’ve played at a dozen or so places with very smart people, whose brilliance ranges from Back to the Future knowledge to Geography and we come close to winning but there’s always that ONE team…


The Wildcat is a great spot to go to trivia, and it’s relatively fresh here in Syracuse. They just started doing trivia in June. They’ve got great food, tons of activities and usually a pretty good crowd. They also have summer volleyball leagues…to keep in mind for next year! In the mean time, Trivia is every Tuesday night starting at 7. You can have between 1-7 people on your team and it’s free to play!

Tip: It’s hosted by one of my favorite trivia company’s in town, Syracuse Trivia Company. Stop by their webpage or like them on facebook to get access to free answers and themes for the week!

location: 3680 Milton Ave

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