258. Westcott Cultural Fair

I’m a huge fan of exploring new cultures. From food, to art to fashion I love it all!

So imagine my excitement when I learned about the Westcott Cultural Fair. You can guarantee I’ll be there!


There will be food, music, art. There’s a parade, there’s a book sale…it’s a perfect opportunity to get outside and explore the community! It’ll be so much fun, I literally can not wait!

It’s this Sunday, September 15th (today!) from 12-6:30. Head that way, you won’t be disappointed!

Tip: They will be closing Westcott St. for this event, so if you’re planning on heading that way know some alternative routes!

location: Westcott street, in between Concord Street and Dell Street, as well as some of the side streets off Westcott.

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