257. Ernie Davis Statue

Remember back at the beginning of the year, we focused on the Shot Clock?

Syracuse is steeped in tradition. There’s so much happening all over that we sometimes forget that the very history of this city is centered around the fact that we’ve had so many inspiring people to grace us with their presence.

One of those people is football legend, Ernie Davis.

Speed Star 1.1470399  00There is a statue of him on the Syracuse campus right by the Dome, and it’s pretty awesome! Not many college campuses pay such tribute to their athletes in a way that will forever be remembered. It’s really quite fascinating.

Not to mention, today is game day…and what better way to celebrate our beloved Orangemen than to take a walk down memory lane!

If you’re ever on the campus, whether it is to visit a game, attend a mass, or just check out the really awesome looking old buildings, make sure you stop by the statue and reflect on how truly great our city is!

Tip: Did you know they made a movie about Ernie Davis?!

Location: Syracuse University

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