255. Bubble Blast Run

There’s an entirely new way of exercise and fun that’s hitting the streets…from color runs to 5ks to ironman‘s to Syrathons. It’s really cool that we’re embracing all of it!

The bubble blast run is the next big thing in races…when I first read about it I was a bit skeptical…I didn’t understand…bubbles? running?

But, It sounds so awesome! It’s a 3k…literally ANYONE can do a 3k so there’s absolutely no excuse for you if you say you can’t do it.

The race is this Saturday, September 14th at OCC. Registration starts at 9am with the race starting at 10am. You’ll run just about the same loop as Runapalooza. Only instead of bands playing you’ll be blasted with bubbles!

bubbleblastApparently, if you’re able to raise over $100 you’ll get a chance to spend the morning with Jim Boeheim! Check out more information about the race here.Register online here

Tip: You will get wet at this event!

Location: Onondaga Community College

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