253. Ms. Orange Fan

This one is for all the ladies out there…

Are you tired of getting a bad rap for not knowing anything about sports? Are you annoyed that everyone is always saying, “Girls don’t know anything about basketball!” Well, if you are…it’s time to prove everyone wrong.

ms orange fan
The Ms. Orange fan is a great opportunity to combine Philanthropy, Community and everyone’s favorite Basketball team! It’s a ladies-only luncheon, October 27th starting at 9am with a tailgate in the parking lot! They will be featuring appearances by Otto, and the SU Cheer & Dance teams.

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a silent auction, with proceeds going to the CNY Make A Wish Foundation and the Jim and Julie Boeheim Foundation.

If anything this is a great event to be involved in. It’s helping the community, and also gives you a chance to leave the men at home for an afternoon! Two birds one stone, people, two birds. one stone.

The highlight of the event however is the chance to meet some of the Wish Kids. Awesome! They’ll be escorting some the players and coaches to the tables of the lucky winners of the auction!

Tip: This event sells out every single year, so make sure you get your tickets soon! They’re $70 per person. To reserve your seats/table call the Make-A-Wish offices today! 315-475-WISH(9474).

location: Oncenter

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