248. Irish Festival

It’s pretty clear that we’ve got some strong Irish heritage in Syracuse. From week long celebrations for St. Patty’s day Irish Road Bowling tournaments to Irish pubs  we hit just about everything in between. The upside down stop light on Tipp Hill is a national Landmark, the Irish Dancers are award winning, we’ve got a lot of pride around these parts, and for good reason!

Syracuse Irish Festival

This weekend marks the Irish Festival. At first a lot of people were wondering, well why isn’t the Irish Festival in March?! And my response was easy, since when do Irish people only get 1 month to celebrate being Irish!? Plus, the weather is a little better in September than it is in March!

This event, however, is going to be huge. The website is brilliant, the entertainment is top notch and the food…can’t you just taste the food!?

It’s Friday & Saturday September 6 & 7th in Clinton Square. (Which, might I add is probably the most perfect spot in Syracuse to hold a festival?) They’re going to have live music from popular bands such as Searson, Gaelic Storm and LOTS more!

They’ll also have tons of other activities, like Irish games, learning Irish phrases, you’ll be able to look up your genealogy and see how Irish you really are, buy Irish jewelry and so so so much more!

With the close of summer on the horizon, and the faint smell of apple everything steadily headed our way, The Irish Fest is going to be one of the last stops on the summer festival tour…and it’s going to be totally worth it!

Tip: Entertainment starts at 5pm on Friday & 11am on Saturday

location: Clinton Square

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