245. Nerveless Nocks

state fair series
The last day of the fair brings a bit of sadness to Central New York. We’ll be taking down the light on 690, packing up the food stands, the buildings that were once full of life with guests admiring cattle and horses and pigs and chickens, and other barnyard animals will be cleared out and cleaned, and the fairgrounds will shut down until next year.

It’s sort of sad to think that this is marking the end of the fair, but also the end of the summer.

I hope everyone had a great summer in Syracuse. Technically it’s not over, but we all know that when school starts that light in our eyes from long summer days dims a bit and we know what is on the horizon. Do not fear, there are a lot of REALLY awesome things going on in Syracuse for the next 120 days.

But, with any series we must come to an end…and with that one of the most thrilling parts of the Fair, and definitely one of the craziest!

The Nerveless Nocks. They basically put 3 crazy men riding motorcycles in a small globe and they pull of crazy stunts inside. It is absolutely hair raising!

Tip:  Shows daily at 1:30, 4:30 and 6:30pm in the Adventure Zone behind the Horticulture Building

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