233. Yoga in Clinton Square

We’re on the verge of something great here in Syracuse…and no, I don’t mean the NY State Fair..although that is great, and we’ll be featuring 1 thing to do every day at the Fair starting tomorrow on our State Fair Series! (GET EXCITED!)

…but back to the verge of something great….

LuLuLemon is coming to Syracuse!!!!

Just the other day I was driving down W Fayette Street, and comfortably outside of an new storefront, I saw this sign…

luluMy excitement…out of control…sort of embarrassing, but I love Lululemon…not just for their products but for their message.

So, in honor of the new store… they’re doing Yoga in Clinton Square tomorrow at 9:30am. All you have to do is bring your mat and your mind and you’re set!

Tip: Afterwards they’ll be having a party back at their store for anyone interested in checking it out!!

location: Yoga is in Clinton Square
Lululemon Storefront is at 327 W Fayette St open 3 days a week, Thurs, Fri & Saturday

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