231. Trivia at Al’s

I think it’s pretty obvious that the trivia scene around Syracuse is poppin.

I kid you not, there are at least 3 different trivia’s going on every night of the week from Dewitt to Phoenix. On any given Monday night you can find me at Kitty Hoynes trivia, on any Tuesday over at Coleman’s. They are each wildly different in style, crowd and difficulty…which is why I love it so much! And like I tell my friends, you can never have enough trivia!

alstriviaI heard about Al’s trivia through an email from a reader. I LOVE getting suggestions on things to do around here…I know I’m not the fanatical expert on stuff in Syracuse, and hearing other peoples ideas is really awesome. #1 surprising thing about this blog so far, (and yet at the same time not so surprising) finding 231 things to do in this city hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be.

So imagine my surprise when I was introduced to another trivia! This trivia starts at 8:30 Monday nights at Al’s. Also one of the coolest spots in all of Syracuse, that is a fact. It’s sort of similar to Kitty Hoynes where they pass out questions, you’ve got time to ponder with your team, you hand them back in…there are 4 rounds and a bonus round.

Tip: Team sign up starts at 8:15

location: 321 S. Clinton Street

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