227. Filipino Street Art Project Fundraiser

The other day a friend of mine described a dream he had. He was watching a movie that was set in a big city, and through the rolling credits he realized it was filmed here in Syracuse. He was recognizing all the buildings and in his dream was so proud he was able to point out this theatrical trick.

Although it was just a dream, it’s always really cool when you can recognize local landmarks in movies. It gives you a sense of ownership, or a sense of pride. While living in Austin, the show Friday Night Lights was filmed there and all over the city I would recognize restaurants and buildings that I had spotted in the TV show…it was pretty neat!

FILIPINOSTREETARTPROJECTThe Filipino Street Art Project is a really awesome idea that I am excited to endorse. On August 23rd they’re hosting a fundraising event for a documentary film two local filmmakers are about to embark on. The documentary will be about the rapidly changing cultural and political landscape in the Philippines as told by the most honest and interesting citizens, the street artists.

The fundraiser will feature local SAMMY award winning band, The Mike McKay Band. The money raised will go towards the two filmmakers trip to Manila where they’ll explore art and stories from the locals. I am really excited about this documentary! I love learning about this stuff, it’s always so cool to see honest representations of social and cultural changes through art…locally the LIPE art park always has some really cool outdoor exhibits that represent social issues, and now get a chance to be a part of something international!

Tickets are only $10 for the fundraiser. It’s next Friday, August 23rd starting at 7pm at the Palace Theater. Along with live music they’ll have raffles and food and live performances by Filipino Martial Artists and my personal favorite…tastings from Lakeland Winery! You can buy the tickets here!

Tip: Keep up to date on the comings and goings of the filmmakers and their progress through twitter! @streetartph

location: Palace Theater

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