226. Dancin’ In The Park

More live music for ya!

dancing in the parkLooks like we’ve got something almost every night of the week at this point…and lets enjoy it, the Fall is creeping in and we won’t be able to enjoy outdoor activities past sunset much longer!

Dancin’ In the Park is a summer concert series in North Syracuse at Lonergan Park on Route 11. They host a variety of really awesome bands, and tonight they’ve got a local favorite, Dan Elliot & The Montereys.

There’s only 1 performance left after this week so make sure you head down to check it out before it’s too late! Next week they’ve got Mario DeSantis Orchestra, which from what I’ve heard is absolutely amazing!

Concerts start at 6 and run until 8pm, perfect for an evening out with some friends. The concerts are free, so there’s nothing standing in your way of having a great time!

They also have local food vendors that set up and you can purchase meals. Local restaurants like Barbieri’s, Bella Domani and more! This is definitely something to check out!

Tip: As with all summer music concerts, it’s best if you bring some chairs or a blanket to sit on!

location: Lonergan Park, Rt 11/North Main St (right behind Stickley Furniture)

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