218. Borios

Nestled on the shores of Oneida Lake sits a mainstay in the Syracuse area. While, it’s not downtown…if you’ve mentioned it people always know what it is.

Whether you’ve been to Borios for dinner, brunch a holiday or a wedding you’re taken away by the scenery every time you go there. It’s perfect in the summertime, it’s got the lake right off the deck and you can go enjoy some sun and good company.


Their food is delicious too! Their dinner menu hits all the stops from salads to seafood. Sometimes with the addition of live music it’s the perfect place to go to on a warm summer night…check out their calendar for the events throughout the month.

I personally enjoy Borios, not just because of their clam chowder, but because it’s really great to escape the hustle and bustle of dining in Downtown Syracuse…it’s one of the few places around here I’ll drive 20 minutes to…the views alone are worth the trip! Not to mention, in my quest to find the best patio Borio’s ranks top 3!

borios patio

Tip: Check out their Brunch from 10:30-2 every Sunday

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