214. Bavarian Festival

Something I’ve noticed about Syracuse is that during the summer months we’re constantly staying busy. There have literally been festivals every single weekend since Memorial Day. That’s really exciting! A lot of people come out and support local clubs, cultures, food, etc…

bavarian festival

This weekend is no different. Along with the Canine Carnival, Longbranch Park will be hosting the Bavarian Festival this Sunday, August 4th.

German culture is very interesting, especially when it comes to the food and beer, which there will be plenty of at Bavarian Festival! There will also be performances by local dance troupes and live music.

Why do I feel like this is going to be one hell of a party?!

Tip: Bring your own chairs with you to longbranch park so you can set up right in front of the dance floor!

Location: Longbranch Park


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