212. Mission Alfresco

Pop-up dinner parties are happening in all the cool cities. Brooklyn, San Fran, Austin, etc… you get the point. So imagine my surprise when I saw that there is a pop-up dinner party happening right here in Syracuse in just a few days. I jumped for joy. No joke.

Friday August 9th be prepared to have your mind blown.

new_-how-it-works_smStep 1 & 2: Buy your tickets here along with your food & seating
There are a variety of tickets. You can buy a simple admission ticket, which will allow for you to bring your own food to the pop-up dinner OR you can purchase a basket of food for an additional cost.  You can also rent a table & chairs, and buy bottles of wine or beer, and more. It’s all on that website.

Step 3: Find some red decorations. This event helps the Rescue Mission, they’re painting the town red on August 9th!

Step 4: Pack a picnic or purchase your food (see step 1&2)

Step 5: Go shopping (preferably in Armory Square) and find something red to wear!

Step 6: Wait for the secret location to be revealed.

Honestly, this is such an innovative idea…i love every step and second of it! Once you buy your tickets you’re given an access pass that comes later on and it tells you where you’ll be dining..up until the day of the event you have no idea where you’ll be. Just that you’ll be donating to a wonderful cause here in Syracuse and enjoying an evening with friends and strangers dining!

This is seriously cool, I fully intend on participating!

Tip: What comes in must come out…bring a bag for trash removal

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