207. Rudy’s

In honor of Harborfest this weekend, we’ll be featuring some of the coolest things to do in and around Oswego…and when it comes to the coolest place to go to enjoy a bite to eat, Rudy’s is my favorite. It’s actually Rudy’s Lakeside Drive in…but tell me 1 person who calls it that….it’s Rudy’s to everyone!

rudysRudy’s is right on the water serving seafood and basic American food (mozz sticks, hamburgers, etc…) it’s menu is vast it’s meal is delicious. You walk in, overwhelmed by the amount of people and the fast pace, you walk to the counter order your meal, wait for it, head outside…easy peasy. It’s a little overwhelming but it’s all part of the experience. And the people behind the counter are super friendly!

I recently went to Rudy’s with my Sister and her boyfriend, and we enjoyed a delicious meal out on the deck right on Lake Ontario. It was really great. It’s nostalgic there, it really is one of my favorite spots in Oswego. It’s hometown feel mixed with the variety on the menu and the atmosphere make for a great dining experience.

Tip: Rudy’s is not open 7 days a week during the Fall/Winter. They open 7 days a week starting May 1-Sept 22. For the rest of the year it’s closed on Monday & Tuesday.


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