199. Gordon Biersch Eggs & Kegs

When I lived in Fort Collins, the morning of the big Brew Fest we’d hold a party.

It was titled; Kegs & Eggs… how original right? We would supply the keg, you had to bring your own eggs…we even had a friend (an aspiring chef!) who made everyone their own eggs…it was awesome.

eggs and kegs

When I heard that the morning after the Empire Brewfest, Gordon Biersch is holding an eggs & kegs party I almost cried from excitement!

For $36.95 you get breakfast & unlimited beer from 11am-1pm at Gordon Biersch. The breakfast alone is something that will attract tons of people… Banana Walnut French Toast & eggs of course …talk about delicious!

Tip: Tickets are limited…buy them here!

location: Gordon Biersch, DestiNY USA

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