197. Baldwinsville Farmers Market


There’s a farmer’s market almost every day of the week here in Syracuse, whether you’re headed out to Marcellus, downtown or the Regional Market, you’ve got a lot of options…

There’s a lot of really awesome things to pick up at Farmers Markets…and for cheap too!

The B’ville Farmers Market is awesome. It’s on a tiny patch of land in the center of town, vendors come and set up their tables, they’ve got local produce from all over, jewelry, food trucks, bbq, you name it!

Parking is free, it’s right behind the B’ville Diner…

It’s every Wednesday from 3-6:30pm (roughly) through October. Stop in, meet the local farmers at their tables, play some games set up in the center of the park, browse the candles, trinkets, wines, and enjoy dinner at some of the various tables and trucks set up.

Tip: There’s tons of stuff all around, but my suggestion…look for the Thousand Island Winery table, they’ve got some great wines!

location: Baldwinsville Village Square (right behind the B’ville Diner)

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