192. Boilermaker

This weekend the weather is supposed to be HOT. Scorching HOT.


Which is why we should be outside…and whether you like running or spectating, we should all be outside cheering on the runners who are going to be sweating their butts off while they run a 15k!

15k for those of us unfamiliar is 9.3 miles long! That’s 9.3 miles up hills, on hot flat pavement and in sweltering heat. Every year, thousands of people train for this run, to prove to themselves they’re capable of completing a very tough course…and hats off to them!

If you’re not running the race, you should definitely spectate. It’s one of those races that is inspiring, not just for the spectators but for the runners as well, and we all know that half the fun of running a race are those along the course route cheering you on! Here’s everything you need to know about the race.

Tip: Here’s a map of the course! Find what you think might be the best spot & post up there to cheer on the runners!

location: 2201 Dwyer Avenue

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