186. Stir Mobile

mobile eats weekI hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

Stir Mobile Eatery is one of the mainstays here in Syracuse. It’s definitely spotted all over town, you absolutely never know where it’s going to be…(that’s why you should follow them on Twitter & Facebook).

My first experience with Stir was a spotting of a giant yellow truck…then I insisted that next week I would enjoy something from them…I returned to the same spot the next week, and they weren’t there…total rookie mistake.

They are seriously all over town, so if you find them…stop and enjoy some food because it’s 100% worth it.


One of my very favorite things about Stir is that they’re always trying to continue supporting the local food initiative. They use as much local fresh food as they can..and their menu definitely shows that, everything on it is cooked to order and it’s deeee-licious.

They also use the power of social media to promote their business…sometimes you might find that they’re offering FREE food with a specific purchase…absolutely brilliant! They also have text alerts, if you text TheStir to 40518 you get updates on their location & specials…genius!

Find Stir & enjoy! They a

Tip: Follow them on Facebook & Twitter to learn about their hours & locations!

location: they’re typically parked from 11-2 in and around Carrier Circle and places in East Syracuse

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