185. Islandfest

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

american flag

This is my favorite holiday! I love the 4th…it is not only just a celebration of our great country and the freedom we’ve got, but it’s also a great chance to watch some great fireworks, find some live music, watch a baseball game, drink some beers, and most importantly spend it with friends and family!

I’m a bit partial to the fireworks that take place in Baldwinsville…which is why they’re featured today…but not only that, I think it’s always really important to highlight one of the greatest bands in history when given the opportunity.

That’s the Beatles.

Islandfest in Baldwinsville is one of the top events that small town puts on every year. This year they’ve got a top notch Beatles cover band, Beatlemania.beatlemania

Islandfest is hosted on Papermill Island right in the heart of downtown Baldwinsville. There’s tons of places you can go to for dinner, if you don’t plan on hosting your own bbq and then shimmy on over to the island for some live music and fireworks.

papermill island

Every year, B’ville puts on a spectacular fireworks show…it’s definitely worth the trek (if you think Baldwinsville is out in the middle of nowhere) and the $7 admission fee to watch from the island.

Fireworks start at 10pm, immediately following the Beatlemania show which starts at 6pm.


If you can’t make it to the Island, pop on over to SyracuseGuru’s website, he’s highlighted all of the top places to watch various firework shows.

Tip: Don’t feel like watching from the Island? Check out Mercer Park…free admission for all the fireworks and it’s a front row seat! Bring some chairs and a cooler (no alcohol allowed) and enjoy the night!

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