184. Stevie’s Street Eats

mobile eats weekDay 3 of Mobile Eats Week is Stevie’s Street Eats.

Stevie’s is special. It’s both a free standing food truck and part of a physical location. The food truck is only on Wednesday’s in the summer time…which kinda stinks, but also is such a treat on Wednesdays.


They’re parked on the corner of W Fayette & Geddes on Wednesdays from 11-2pm. Perfect for the lunch crowd.

Their menu is the bomb…seriously. They’ve got tons of made to order food right there…like, sandwiches, from clubs to Reuben’s and Salads and sometimes specials that include syracuse favorites, like stuffed riggies! mmm!!

Everything is just great! If you’re looking for something a little more exquisite than a fried pb & j or a crepe, check out steve’s street eats!

Tip: Find them on facebook for more info on their specials, daily menu and location!

Physical Location: 989 James St
Mobile Location: Corner of Fayette & Geddes

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