182. PB & J’s Lunchbox

This week I am dedicating the entire week (with the exception of July 4th) to Mobile Eateries around Syracuse.

It’s a new series called

mobile eats weekToday I will be featuring one of my favorites, and a mainstay for lunch in Armory Square.

PB & J’s Lunchbox.

Mobile Eateries were/are huge in Austin…there were several open lots throughout the city that would have dozens of mobile food trucks parked for everyone to enjoy. They had everything you could imagine…it was awesome. It was a quick way to enjoy gourmet food.

PB & J’s is exactly that…quick, cheap and great!

I stopped there for lunch last week and was pleased with my hotdog & chips…exactly what I was craving on a hot summer day! They’re located right outside The MOST across from The Jefferson Clinton Hotel.


They’ve got a great menu, ranging from grilled PB & J (yum!) to hotdog & burgers. They even have a 2 meal deal – 2 hotdogs & a water for $5…can’t beat that!

One of the great things about mobile food trucks is they can sprout up just about anywhere…which is why it’s strongly recommended you follow their facebook or twitter accounts to learn about their next stop! It’s really the most genius thing ever.

Tip: They accept credit cards!

Location: The East Side of THE MOST and across the street from The JEfferson Clinton Hotel in Armory Square


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