175. Balloon Fest

Hot air balloons are fascinating…when you see them you’re mesmerized, whether they’re in the air or on the ground they’re breathtaking.

balloon fest

Has anyone ever been on a Hot Air Balloon Ride?

If you answered yes, that’s awesome! If you answered no, you should follow the directions below.

Make a reservation for a balloon ride.
They’re $165 per person, $190 for the evening rides…which are absolutely breathtaking…

That’s easy enough, right?

Balloon Fest is more than just hot air balloon rides though, there are going to be local vendors and musical acts throughout the day. This year’s big ticket concert is Eddie Money!

Tickets to the festival are $10 and parking is free at Jamesville Beach State Park. Gates open Friday from 4-8 and will be open Saturday & Sunday from 11am-the end of the last concert

If you have any questions about the balloon rides, it’s suggested you call 315-263-0385 for further details.

Tip: If you’re planning on attending bring some lawn chairs for relaxation during the live music!

location: 4100 Westshore Manor Road

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