173. Lemon Grass

When it comes to dining in Syracuse, you can’t go wrong. If you’re looking for some Irish Pub fare, bar food, italian, you name it…we’ve got quite the cuisine.

It’s important however to diversify the options. Many times I’ll find one restaurant I really like dining at and I’ll just go there until I get sick of it…which, doesn’t do much for my own food diversity…but I mean, the scallops at Francesca’s are just so good…

A restaurant that is not only diverse in cultural options (pacific rim thai, is their specialty…) but also guaranteed to top the list of your favorite restaurants in town is Lemon Grass. I recently had a chance to sit down, informally, with the assistant manager of Lemon Grass and listening to describe the food sold me on the spot. She talked about the freshness of the flavors, her favorite dish, the variety, the ambiance, the drink menu

lemon grass

If you’re looking for one of those spots where you’ll be 100% satisfied with the atmosphere and the meal, to go to with a few girlfriends after a long week of working or to enjoy the nightlife in Syracuse before it get’s all wild & crazy on the weekends I suggest Lemon Grass.

They even have an incredible outdoor dining space too..and we all know how I feel about outdoor dining.

lemon grass outdoor

Tip: Reservations are strongly recommended.

location: 238 West Jefferson St

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