171. Bocce Blast

The community in Syracuse is thriving, and with word getting out about really fun and awesome events and activities for people of all ages, more and more really cool things keep happening.

Bocce Ball is starting to take a huge leap forward here in the community. It’s a great way to meet new people, have some fun during the week and learn a new sport!

The Bocce Blast this weekend is just that!


The folks over at NOexcuses & SyracuseGuru have teamed up with the folks over at Turbo Bocce and local food truck vendors to put on a really fun event! The Bocce Blast. It’s combining the sport of bocce with the burgeoning food truck industry here in Syracuse.

When I lived in Austin, food trucks were everywhere. You could grab a gourmet hotdog on your lunch break, you could pick up a burrito at my favorite bar in the world, gourmet donuts…you name it, they had it. The trucks were parked all over the city, they were a mainstay for locals and an attraction for tourists. It’s REALLY exciting to see more popping up here in Syracuse.

Saturday from 6-10pm, partake in the 1st annual Bocce Blast. They’ll have people there from the Turbo Bocce league if you want to sign up for the season, they’ll have local food trucks, beverages, and more!

Tip: Grab a partner and buy your tickets! Tickets are $15, well worth it! Buy yours here!

location: Pine Grove Country Club, Camillus

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