170. Polish Fest

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at Blarney Stone with my roommate enjoying the nice weather and the happy hour when we were approached by a man. He was a nice enough guy, his nephew had just moved to America from Poland…”Here!” he said, “meet him!” He waved for his nephew to come to where we were sitting.  We exchanged a general greeting, asked why he was here, where he’s living, if he’s enjoying Syracuse…you get the gist.

After a few moments, we left…and I’ve never seen him again.


I bet he’ll be at the Polish Fest this weekend!

Polish Fest is a huge deal here in Syracuse. There’s a large Polish population, which is pretty awesome. I like to think that our little city is a melting pot of cultures, and there’s always someone celebrating. Remember a few weeks ago, Greek Cultural Fest?

polish fest
There will be dancing, food, games, drinking, you name it! The Polish Fest is a great way to explore some great Polish culture. There will also be lots of live music throughout the festival, which is a really good excuse to get out of the house and check it out!

Head down to Clinton Square, this weekend June 21-23 for lots of Polish fun!!

polish fest 2

Tip: Find your favorite thing on the schedule & head out there, enjoy a polish sausage, and try some polish beer while you’re at it!

location: Clinton Square

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