166. Art On The Porches

One of my very good friends from Austin was/is an artist. Before I moved from Austin, I asked him in exchange for a weekend of using my car if he would paint me a piece of his original artwork. I love it. I love unique pieces that aren’t mass produced like you’d find in IKEA…even though I LOVE IKEA.


This weekend, we’ve got a chance to add to our collections of one-of-a-kind pieces at the Art On The Porches from one of the 39 local artists on display.


Not only is this a free event (gosh, I love free events!) but it’s also a festival of sorts. Local artists will come out and display their artwork on various porches in the Strathmore Neighborhood, there will be live music, refreshmants and more this isn’t just any old event! It’s also the same day as that tour I was talking about too!

Tip: Learn more about this on the facebook page, it’s got all the details!

location: Ruskin Ave

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