165. Assault City Roller Derby

Has anyone seen the movie Whip It? That was when I first found out about Roller Derby…maybe I was living under a rock or something because Roller Derby seems to be a huge sport here in Syracuse.

Assault_City_Roller_Derby_logoAmong the most badass of women, this sport requires skill, agility, and intense power…Roller Derby frightens me, yet at the same time I am 100% intrigued by the prowess of the women who participate.


Tonight at the Baldwinsville Ice Arena, the Assault City Roller Derby has what’s called a Home Bout. At 5pm Saturday June 15th the whistle blows and women from two separate teams compete with fast paced skating, body checks and more!

Confused about the actual game itself? Check this out, it helped a lot! This is going to be a really fun event, Buy your tickets here, they’re $10+tax presale.

I can’t wait to go to it. I’ve never been more frightened and excited at the same time!

Tip: Whistle Blows at 5pm June 15th, but sometimes you’ll find some tailgate action going on in the parking lot! Check it out, it’s bound to be an adventure.

Location: Baldwinsville Ice Rink

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