162. Wednesdays On Walton

SetRatioSize614254-Wednesdays-on-Walton-Concerts-with-a-Cause-WebbannerTons of concert series are popping up all over Syracuse this summer. You’ll have the chance to listen to live music almost every night of the week!….maybe we are becoming more like Austin!

On the 2nd Wednesday of every month (starting tomorrow June 12th) through September 11th, AmeriCU will host The Wednesdays on Walton concert event.

Walton Street will be closed starting at 3pm and people will flock in droves downtown to listen to the live music — concerts start at 5:30. While they’re at it, music fans will end up checking out local restaurants, see lots of local arts and entertainment and enjoy the fresh summer air! This is going to be so exciting.

The line-up is awesome too, these bands are kickass and you should definitely stop downtown to see them.

Tip: This is a free event!

location: Walton Street

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