161. Downtown Farmers Market

The Regional Market is a great place to find fresh produce, and lots of homegrown and local goodies, but it’s only open on the weekends…and what if you need something on a Tuesday?


Have no fear.

One of the really awesome things about Austin was their farmers market during the week…it was located in the city, you could hit it up on your lunch break…it was awesome. When I moved to back Syracuse I casually mentioned this to my friend and she said we had something like that too!

Cue my excitement.

Every Tuesday throughout June-October from 7am-4pm is the downtown farmers market. Here local farmers come to sell their produce along with flowers, and other foods. This is a great mix up to the regular run of the mill lunch hour, and it does get pretty crowded! This is definitely one of those fun things to do in Syracuse!

Tip: Occasionally there’s live entertainment too!

Location: Clinton Square

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