154. Liverpool Concert Series

When I lived in Austin, each and every Wednesday throughout the summer, thousands of people throughout the city would gather in the park for Blues On The Green. Even on the hottest of days, Blues On The Green would be a refreshing taste of summer in hot Texas.

As we all know, it can get pretty hot here as well. Comparable to the Texas heat, the humidity here never seems to quit. But, leaving the house is an important part of being able to enjoy summer time here in Syracuse. The city and surrounding towns have done a great job of accommodating the scorching temps by arranging evening events.

liverpool-is-the-place-concert-1The Liverpool Concert Series is one of these events. Throughout the summer, on various dates (mostly Monday & Wednesday with an occasional Sunday) Johnson Park in Liverpool, hosts a series of concerts from 7-9pm. Once the sweltering heat has subsided and dusk is upon us, the music will light up the night with local acts.

This is a really fun event, and would be great to go to with a bunch of friends and family.

Tip: This event is free to attend, bring chairs and blankets to sit on.

location: Johnson Park, Liverpool (Corner of Oswego & Vine St)

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